We provide a full range of services and training to support regulatory programmes in Malaysia on occupational safety and health i.e. USECHH 2000, Factories & Machinery Act 1967 etc. The consultations include:

Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)
A comprehensive assessment of the risk exposure of employees to hazardous chemicals in the workplace in compliance with USECHH Regulations 2000 under OSHA 1994.
Occupational Hygiene Monitoring
Monitoring of employees’ exposure to hazardous chemicals performed by Hygiene Technician registered with DOSH, in compliance with USECHH Regulations 2000, Regulation 26.
Noise Exposure Monitoring
In compliance with Factories and Machinery Act 1989, employers are required to perform noise exposure monitoring on employees exposed to occupational noise in the workplace.
Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Inspection
In compliance with USECHH Regulations 2000, where the LEV system (e.g. fume hood, exhaust chimney, etc) is inspected by Hygiene Technician yearly.
lndooor Air Quality (IAQ)
In compliance with Industry Code of Practice 2010 by DOSH, indoor air quality of non-industrial environment (e.g. offices) is recommended to be monitored and reported.